23 July 2007


Everday starts with the metro.
This pic is for the bro.

hmmmmmmmmm.....there's something about this one.
This is a cool cat...his name is mickey and he has a story. He keep coming to this cafe over and over again and would hang out for a little while and then leave again. It was obvious he had an owner, but I guess he prefered to hang out in this cafe, because one day he just stayed.
The father and the aunt, Solange.

22 July 2007

Central France: Wine Country, Sancere

Farmland, it was a nice change from the city

There was lots of great panorama views in Sancere, it was quite pretty.Rolling hills of grapevines.

Everyone's taking pictures
Another panorama of Sancere
We went canoeing on the Loire River and stopped for a very french picnic

We tasted wine...

From goat...
to cheese... We went to a place were they make chevre, its a soft french cheese made from goat's milk. Quite delicious.It was a full out farm, with pigs and all.
and even a donkey...
and his big ears...
We made this male goose a little angry because I think we were getting too close to his nine hoes.
Quite a pimp.
And the last thing I saw when driving home was one of france's many nuclear power plants.

Shadows, Friends and Mothers

Pretty mother and son of catherine

16 July 2007

To the South of Paris un autre fois.

Oh my little lizard friend, how I miss you...This was the first lizard I have ever seen in France. It was a big moment. Now I can live in France someday, because if they didn't have lizards it could never been possible.
I looked him up. He's some sort of rock lizard. There are many different species and they all sort of look the same, but I figured out the genus at least.
Catherine's magnificant backyard. Curious father, happy catherine, confused mother.

I'm not sure why I like this photo, but I do. I was spying on my father eating his dessert, very delicious homemade dessert.

Musee D'Orsay

Musee D'Orsay used to be a train station way back in the day but they converted it into a musee filled with beautiful and interesting art from the 19th and early 20th century.

The famous clock...

Outside cite universitaire

I've been wanting to take a picture of this for a while. It's what I pass everyday while walking to the metro. Green grass in between tram rails.

09 July 2007



I went to Versailles this past Saturday with about 15 people that I met through the french class I am taking. We were a group consisting of lots of Americans, lots of Canadians, Austrians, Israelis, Australians, and a Singaporean with an english accent.
The castle itself wasn't very interesting, but the gardens were manifique.

Something perculiar about this guy...

drinking butterfly...
Yes I know another one of these photos...
Hungry fish, who were quick noisy for fish...