29 January 2008

Some more gargantuan turkey legs...

Here are some more I took, but they didn't seem to fit into any of those restrictive categories...

Oh gargantuan turkey leg...

Sir David Kofahl challenged me to a dual. Let the best photographer win...

Contrast (David added this category apparently...)


Black and White


Personal Vision
And one more for good luck...

22 January 2008

Morning light

As I was getting ready for class this morning, some pretty light was coming through my window.

18 January 2008

A Visit to the Asian Market

As I entered the small, fluorescently-lit building with bars on its windows, the door jingled to notify of my presence. A lofty Asian woman wearing latex gloves glanced at me with suspicion pouring from her eyes. Her demeanor was reminiscent of a character in Kill Bill.

I remembered I had a purpose for entering this foreign land. I turned to my left through an archway embellished with cheaply-made Asian decorations to a part of the building that stocked a rainbow of ramen soups, curry pastes, and pickled vegetables. At a snail's pace, I made my selections and then began to browse the machine-manufactured, seemingly unique, porcelain bowls and plates. Before I realized I was wasting my time, my eye caught a glittery object. Cleaning sponges. So gaudy and mundane they were in appearance, yet such a great job they did at catching the eye of easily distracted patrons. My fingers brushed the rough texture of their scrubbing-oriented material. And then I saw a message from Buddha, "Returning the reality of your life." They surely did that. I left shortly after with that awkward omen in my bag.

14 January 2008

A Description of an Ancient Artifact

The green iguana’s skin is like tens of thousands of jewels of varying shapes and sizes attached together by invisible thread. Each iguana has one distinctively large jewel, protruding from its neck that shines and glistens with inter-sexual communication. Males will parade this large and colorful jewel to seemingly attract a close-by female, much like the function of diamonds in human courtship behavior.

An iguana’s walk is reminiscent of a belly dancer, they sway their hips as if giving homage to their ancestors, the fish, amphibians and fellow reptiles of generations past. Their large and meaty tail drags behind them as they walk, following the hips in that ancient S-like motion.

An iguana basking in the sun is reminiscent of pompous kings and queens, their head raised above the lowly ground, they arms fully erect as if to murmur, “I own this place.”

Their eyes are bonfires, with a ring of blackened rocks inhibiting their unruly tendencies. Their vision sees red flowers, yellow fruit, and green leaves. Their third-eye detects the shadows of untimely death. Their nostrils are tiny inactive volcanoes, but their fire-breathing days are long past in the mysticism of human creativity, their existence too real for fiction. Their tongue, vibrantly pink in color and strategically used for smelling the world, is forked like the road of life where a direction must be chosen.

Their resilience illuminates the animal kingdom brighter than that of the human’s. Disease, disturbance, humanity, does not falter their ultimate purpose, multiplicity. Their ability to withstand the hardships of existence is to be commended.

13 January 2008

Studying Shadows

While studying today , I looked out my window and saw and interesting shadow on my neighbor's house, while the sun was going down. Then while out there, I looked down and saw water droplets on some three-leaved clovers,.

12 January 2008

Some random photos to get things going