24 June 2007

On a mountain there lies the Sacred Heart

Today I went to the Dali museum here in Paris, and also Sacre Coeur. They are both located in Montmarte, which is the highest area in Paris, hence the great view of the city.
I can't believe someone actually paintballed the sacre coeur.

The view...
The shear magnitude of people...and I like the birds in the photo.

With the church, comes the nun...

Seeing all the nuns actually made me think of how crazy it would be to be one. I can't even fathom it. Imagine me a nun, I laugh...

21 June 2007

Fete de la Musique

Today there was people playing music in the streets everywhere, hence it is fete de la musique. It was really interesting to see, but not really that interesting to hear. I'm sure there was some great music being played somewhere in Paris today, but all I heard was a series of incredibly similar rock bands. The first photo is of a high school band. They were probably the best I saw.

I'd say at least a quater of all the people under the age of 25 in Paris wear some form of these shoes. It's quite a fad.

18 June 2007

Jardin des Plantes-A Dedication to Miss Kate

Because of her passion for flower photography... :)

I think I like this garden more than the ever popular Jardin du Luxembourg. It's more of garden for plants than a garden for people, if that makes anysense. It had a multitude of beautiful flowers and trees. These were a few of the ones that caught my slowly growing photographic eye, among other interesting things in the park.

Tame the fish...the first statue that I thought deserved a picture.

Someone is watching you....

16 June 2007

What I resorted to doing since it was rainning.

This is one of those got it all under one roof places, barbies, books, and christian dior. I didn't buy anything, I just looked at expensive things and expensive people. I was told that I couldn't take pictures right after I took this, so sorry you can't see how cool the people were in here. I actually went next door to the fancy grocery store and spent 45 euros.

Walking around le Tour Eiffel

That's not the eiffel tower, I just thought it was pretty.


I did not wait in that line, I enjoyed the bottom of the tour eiffel, thank you.
Related maybe?
Yeah, that picture...
Although this picture is not well formed in any way, it does amuse me.

I saw another bee on a flower, pretty.

It was a bit stormy today.

Jewish Church

First I ate fallafel in the Jewish district for the second day in a row...
and then I walked around in a church.

15 June 2007

Classical Metro

It's sort of obvious but a big group of people were playing very nice classical music at one of the metro stops called Chatelet. They were actually really great.

09 June 2007

Less Gas, More Ass

I read about this in Discover but I forgot all about it until about 200 naked people biked by me. It was protest against the dependence on gasoline or cars. According to discover it took place in London, San Franciso, and New York too, but I could take a good guess that Paris had the most naked people.

Lots of asses

A pretty metro entrance

Musee l’Orangerie

I felt like I was swimming in this room, swimming in Monet's water lillies.
When you're looking at a painting you have to cross your arms and pretend like you're really into it. It's the rules.

07 June 2007


I sit at cafes a lot and just read and write letters. It's probably what I do the most.
This was about 30 seconds before I spilled the rest of my drink all over the table. I like making an ass out of myself, so it was great.
This is outside the house I live in.