31 May 2007

Ma chambre

This is my room....and this is my address: Vanessa Schipani
Maison de l'INA
7B boulevard Jourdan
75014 Paris
I can recieve and send text messages, so send me one if you want. I miss my American peoples.

And the first thing I saw was lettuce in the streets

It's funny that I didn't even have to go looking for things to take pictures of, they were right in front of my hotel. I stayed in a hotel the first night because my room wasn't ready yet. I was coming back from walking around the city there was this hunched over lady dressed all in black, putting heads of lettuce in specific formations. Everyone kept asking her what the hell she was doing, but she wouldn't answer. When I was coming back to the hotel later, there was a message written on the street saying something about peace, no fighting, you know, the most typical reason someone would be putting lettuce in the streets.

That predictable plane picture

The plane ride went suprisingly fast. I freaked out in Boston a little because it's a huge airport and it finally hit me that I was going to be in a country full of french people for the next nine weeks. Nonetheless I still got on that plane...and Cherice I had a vegetarian meal... :)

26 May 2007


24 May 2007

Lizard and Lizard


20 May 2007

A walk on Las Olas

I'm really not sure what's going on here...

18 May 2007

A Solitary Bike Ride in the South

17 May 2007

There's a huge lizard in my parent's backyard

My last night in Gainesville

Hello Future, Goodbye Past.

So I went to a high school prom...