08 February 2012

Art for Waste Reduction

I often keep my eye out on kickstarter for people doing neat projects and I recently came across a guy who is making musical instruments out of industrial waste. Assuming Perry gets the $15,000 of funding he requested to build the musical machines, in August 2012, musicians will put on a performance with these motors, solenoids, pneumatics, and hydraulics from factories of the past.

Though it's quite obvious after the fact, it never occurred to me before that art can be a form of waste reduction. Before when I thought of the 'reuse' in 'reduce, reuse, recycle,' tupperware or second hand clothing stores usually came to mind. So I wonder now, how much of an impact could art have on society's dire need to shrink its landfills?

06 February 2012

tiefster Winter

(dead of winter)